Water Training

What it's all about

The Newfoundland has a well deserved reputation, established over many years, as a saviour of people from the sea. Without wanting to put anyone in danger, the present day owner increasingly wants to see whether the dog is equally capable in the water. We train a number of different excercises in a non-competitive environment. Owners do not have to train only to these exercises or even for tests, we will have a go at just about anything providing we can ensure the safety of all involved. We also train for Newfoundland tests if that is something you are interested in. The tests have been designed to encourage the dog and owner to work together as a team.

When it happens

We usually start training back in the water around Easter time, (temperature dependant). Training is on almost every Sunday at Manvers lake, and is only postponed in adverse weather or for group activities like our group holiday, water demonstrations and/or Water test weekends.  The season draws to an end usually around October time (once again weather dependant).

What you will need

If you join us for water training, please bring the following (we understand you may not have all of these to start with):

  • A dog stake or tether, the beach is very stony so a way to secure your dog to your vehicle would probably be best.

  • Water bowl, water, treats and a dog toy that your dog likes (that will float!)

  • Towels for your dog and you. (Many of us use Dryrobes which are great for keeping warm)

  • Pooh bags!

  • Water and food for you

  • A wetsuit, lifejacket and wet boots. (Old trainers or walking boots are great for protecting your feet on the stones)

  • Dog harness or buoyancy aid (you will need one of these if you decide to test your dog). We do have a couple of these for short term use if needed.